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I have run AD FONTES Publishing Agency continuously since 2009. I am professionally educated, and all my previous professional experience is related to printing and publishing industry. Through the years, I have designed countless books, advertisings and prints, I have established professional relationships with skilful illustrators, graphics, editors, translators. In addition, I have worked out long-lasting relationships with publishers, services and printing resources providers and distributors. All the above result in the fact that today I can offer you a complete printing service, from design to print, as well as a full range of publishing services. I provide my offer to both large and smaller publishers, public and cultural institutions, as well as individuals wishing to issue their own book based on self-publishing.

Jarosław Danielak

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I have gained my professional experience, inter alia, in such companies as:

Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Graficzne Kalkomania Sp. z o.o., printing with the serigraphy method on special transfer substrates from which image is transferred to ceramic,
PPU Stolgraf in Stanowice – the printing house specializing in job, medical and veterinary printing
Printing House Eska in Walbrzych (non-existent) where in addition to designing of occasional prints, I had the opportunity to explore the bookbinding techniques,
Maria Publishing House 
in Nowa Ruda – books designing and typesetting,

Cersanit III SA
in Walbrzych, as a laboratory technician in the design studio, I worked on colours to newly introduced tile patterns, and learned ins and outs of rotogravure printing (intaglio)

Editing of Men’s Health 
in Wrocław as a photo editor,
Sign Poland Sp. z o.o. in Wrocław – a company specializing in printing of all kinds of flags and banners by screen printing, as a graphic designer,
Pro-Forma Sp. z o.o. in Wrocław – where I had the opportunity to work with extensive encyclopaedic and dictionary publications, inter alia, for Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN or Wydawnictwo Europa, and participate in major projects such as publishing of 20-volume Encyclopaedia of Gazeta Wyborcza,
PWH Siedmioróg Sp. z o.o. in Wrocław – creating countless graphic design of books, from stories and colouring books for children, to fictions for youth, dictionaries and guides,
Publicat SA from Poznań – as a technical editor, I was responsible for taking care of the complex process of printing books published under imprints of Wydawnictwo Dolnośląskie and Książnica, preparation and verification of production files, where I also had the opportunity to prepare materials for the nationwide campaign to promote books by such authors as Jo Nesbø, Agatha Christie, PC Cast+Kristin Cast and Stephenie Meyer.

Prizes and distinctions:

 Distinction of Central Library of PTTK im. Kazimierz Kulwiecia in Warsaw for the publication Moofie zwiedza Dolny Śląsk (Moffie visits Lower Silesia) in 23rd National Sightseeing and Tourist Book Review, Poznań 2014